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Collective Edibles

Collective Edibles is a project about food, linking food production to food consumption through social food experiences. We look to probe and question the realm of urban food production and co-create delicious food with the produce.

Winemakers Lab

Winemakers Lab is a ten-week intensive winemaking course that covers everything from harvest to fermentation and bottling, merging the ancient knowledge of winemaking with maker technologies such as digital fabrication and lo-fi sensors.

Leka Restaurant

Open source & honest food: In Leka we believe that life tastes better if we share, so all the designs of our furniture, walls and ceilings, even some of our best recipes, are available to everyone in open source.

Next Food

Nextfood’s farming technology enables anyone to grow deliciously fresh, flavourful, nutritious and pesticide-free vegetables anywhere year-round. Local, efficient production keeps the natural nutrients intact, and reduces food waste and the environmental footprint.