We're working to understand, learn and experiment with projects aiming for urban self-sufficiency within food, energy and materials.


How do we grow food for cities in the future?


Can we create more sustainable alternatives?


Can we create new materials from waste?

workshop at fab city hub

An innovation community

The Fab City Hub is an innovation community in the urban design district of Barcelona’s Poblenou, designing sustainable solutions to urban food, water, energy and waste challenges. We hold workshops, lectures and experiences open to the local and global community, promoting and supporting regenerative, compassionate futures. Fab City Hub is part of Fab Lab Barcelona.

What can we do together?

Borrow the space

Rent out Fab City Hub. Our rental is open to all ages and ideas, as long as it’s helping on the journey towards urban self-sufficiency. The space is open for different forms of rental, drop us a line to us to find out more. It could be to do a talk on blockchain in the food system or even a workshop on guerilla gardening with kids.

Locally made experiences

We also use our design skills to fully curate experiences. From winemaking to dinner experiences, we’re interested in making unique events. We’re open to ideas and collaboration too, whether you’re a group interested in the space, or an individual with a big idea that needs fabricating together.

Become a resident

Whether you’re a company for bioplastics or a recent graduate who’s interested in mycelium, Fab City Hub has the facilities, network and space to expand your horizons and learn. We’re also a sociable bunch, in which we pride ourselves on our daily chit-chat and homemade baked goods selection.


We work with different residents, which provides the opportunity to learn from and with each other.

Join us and be part of a global movement to change the future!

A Fab City Global Initiative

The Fab City Hub is part of a bigger vision – the Fab City model. The Fab City model has challenged Barcelona, amongst other cities in the world, to become active participants in producing everything consumed by 2054. We’re using the productive potential of Poblenou, to become locally produced and globally connected.

Check out more at fab.city

Upcoming events

🌍 ECOEFICIENTES - Solutions ecosufficientes de arquitectura

21/01/2020 → A presentation from architect Rafael Loschiavo Miranda on ecological solutions in architecture and construction [SPAN].

🍜 MENU 2054 - A dinner from the future

03/03/2019 A curated dinner to bring the effects of climate change on the food system to the table, by Fab City Hub and LEKA [SPAN].

🍜 MENU 2054 - A dinner from the future

04/02/2020 →  A curated dinner to bring the effects of climate change on the food system to the table, by Fab City Hub and LEKA [SPAN].

🌱 SOCIAL AGRICULTURE - Agriculture in Valldaura

Sunday’s → A beautiful hike up to Valldaura self-sufficient labs for gardening therapy and lunch. Email us and we’ll add you to the group! [ENG/SPAN].

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